1. Visionary

From the recording Carpe Noctem


Word of advice: you better chat to me nice
The last king of the mic whose raps are actually tight
I bear their burden, they turned their backs to the light
So the crown on my head resembles Passion of Christ
One in a million, I'll be the best 'til I meet Aaliyah
Work for my pops, that's legacy that you're seeing here
They get flat with the bread but man I'm needed there
I make the dough, then I'm flipping it like a pizzeria
More than rhymes, I'm giving you stuff to quote
Y'all tweet, but in person your words get stuck in your throat
Entertainers claiming they're flaming but always ducking the smoke
I'll turn your king of the jungle into a rug or a coat
Sizing me up as if I give a fuck
I sling these audio rocks and keep it right in the tuck
A shepherd facing a giant but is Goliath enough
It seems your best option just might be to duck
Connoisseurs been waiting on my release date
I'm on the lakeshore waiting on Portuguese steak
Before that I was making my honey's V quake
Pretty nigga, I won the genetic sweepstake
Lyrically, it's clear that I've been ahead a while
When I'm serving these niggas I don't forget to smile
I do more than I need to and watch the blessings pile
I tell my brothers there's no traffic in the extra mile
The views are different from my balcony
I peep the bigger picture, and my niggas can vouch for me
Spit elixirs of life and yet they're doubting this alchemy
Ironically my price went up when they discounted me
Bag secured, I can afford shocks
Upgraded my system so I could make more drops
Plus I make beats, that's given me more stock
So I could reserve the bars and know that my fort knocks

Actors change, but the script is the same
Play your role, real Gs can never sit with you lames
I become Zizou when I'm kicking some game
You're more Stevie G, just slipping again
I spit the truth and I think the facts bother them
They can't argue the point so they're going ad hominem
I work with envy from breakfast, it's effortless
You can't even see the god so why would try to box with him
You're arrogant but dumb, that's irking me
Zero knowledge outside of university
Life is a harsh teacher, ego makes that a certainty
You won't learn from advice you will learn from adversity
Please be careful with who you choose to confide in
They'll use your secrets as soon as they're choosing violence
Y'all are kids, that's why I don't choose to fight it
I want to see you be great, I pray you get better guidance
You're never killing my buzz
The game's wishing me back, I'm Kakarot with the love
Which translates to hate, I'm catching a lot of subs
But I can't relate, I'm more acquainted with a dub
Feelings reigned in to see where the burden's laid
Parable of the Chariot, I'm burning Sage
Ms Jiyani in my corner, I'm grateful to earn her faith
Since it's a new chapter, I'm liable to turn a Paige
I stay spitting for a worthy cause
They're jealous of the flow coz they're thirsty, pause
You've never said shit I haven't heard before
You were cool 10 years ago, Jersey Shore
Mice get to squeaking whenever pressure is felt
Thinking they'll be my reckoning, only wrecking themselves
Unknown for now, but I know my presence is felt
What's fame if you can't leverage it into wealth