1. Bully Rap

From the recording Carpe Noctem


Don't get it twisted, this is bully rap
Gold Cuban link, black hoodie rap
Silverback beast off a leash
Turn rappers into food, it's looking like a feast
I rap for Mercedes drivers and genocide survivors
For dopamine hits I epitomise a supplier
Vital as power stations, what I provide for riders
Except when I black out, I energize the buyers
The way I kick it man I might snap a collar bone
That seat is not mine if it's not a throne
I'm making back triple every dollar blown
I'm always on new things like Styrofoam
Ain't nothing sweet with this bully rap
Gold Cuban link, black hoodie rap
No forgiveness that's even for small errors
Still we just rise through tiers like pallbearers
When your intentions stay pure you glow different
AMG ambition on the track I'm so driven
Look at every sentence, you can witness my convictions
Raise the bar? Nah, I can lift the whole prison
I can sow the seeds just as fast as I reap
Bring your whole navy I will capsize your fleet
Send faith through the speakers 'cause I rap like a priest
Convert you to believers when I baptize a beat
I'm in another league, just to rap on my level
Most these actors going to have to make a pact with the devil
My voice comes from the Holy Ghost in the clutch
So you can sell your soul it still won't be enough
Way too tough with this bully rap
Gold Cuban link, black hoodie rap
I got game, your lady's trying to meet me
She's been with lames, that pussy is beneath me

Ladies love us 'cause we're the cream of the crop
As I scheme and I plot to take my team to the top
Keeping the region hot with all these beats that we rock
Give everything that we got 'til we're parking beams in the lot
I can't ever rest 'til I take it to the summit
Ain't no other rapper who can do it how I done it
I rep it so well even haters had to love it
Dwayne Carter flow, only heaven is above it
Now please, this here is a breeze,
I can drop a bar just as easy as I breathe
My lungs are Cash Money I can give a little wheeze
And that'll make a milli, man I'm silly with the steeze, now freeze
Way too cold with the bully rap
Gold Cuban link, black hoodie rap
We're running plays, while you suckers run in place
If you're not with us get the fuck out of the way!