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It's not a flex when I say I drop bombs
I chase my dreams down like they talked about my mom
The dream's closer as soon as you get started
That's how you go from Blue Collar to Red Carpet
When your intentions stay pure you glow different
AMG ambition on the track I'm so driven
Look at every sentence, you can witness my convictions
Raise the bar? Nah, I can lift a whole prison
I can sow the seeds just as fast as I reap
Bring your whole navy I will capsize your fleet
Send faith through the speakers coz I rap like a priest
Convert you to believers when I baptize a beat
I'm in another league, just to rap on my level
Most these actors gonna have to make a pact with the devil
My voice comes from the Holy Ghost in the clutch
So you can sell your soul it still won't be enough
Suckers wanted beef I addressed it with slaughter
They tried to fix a race and got vexed at the order
Shipped sailed, they prayed I got left under water
Still I rose to the apex like an orca
Will I ever fall victim to a weak mind?
Ask the pilgrims up in Mecca if they eat swine
Non violent but my fighting style is refined
I keep the sword sharp even in the peace times
Peaceful but prepared, that's the art of life
And an L ain't an L when your heart is right
If we're talking real Gs I'm the archetype
I took the whole other half of what Nas is Like
There's kemetic science in my heritage
Generating perfect power like the pyramids
Nosferatu with the throttle, you can't mirror this
It's a Dwayne Carter theory where my ceiling is
Please. This here is a breeze
I could drop a bar just as easy as I breathe
My lungs are cash money, I could give a little weeze
And that'll make a milli man I'm silly with the steeze
Stepping on the gas I am changing the climate
When I spit these carbon atoms get arranged into diamonds, shining.
To the underground game I'm Poseidon
Homie I'm the one that made the wave that you're riding
They're upset coz I'm calling all of them vultures
The drama's offset by the fact I fathered the culture
It rains manna when a brother's giving alms
I come across like there's stigmata in my palms
And I'm gone