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Squad Only [Bonus Track]

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(Verse 1)

Treat your boy's words like drugs
Get paid for my lines coz they giving you a buzz
Feels electric when connected to the plug
Girls wanna have fun why you think they roll with us?
That money coming in like 4 ways
I be thumbing through the sheets like foreplay
Dealing with the pressure's my forte
If you sour that's sweet like sorbet
Got a bad one in my ride, she think fast and she talk slick
She's doe or die. This is 2018, we only rolling with boss chicks
Turned the heat off, and got more degrees, I hid the skill, never lost it
Took time off for you to catch up, and y'all still ain't got the sauce yet
They see my style and they hate to love it
Coz I stand for a cause and embrace the hustlers, we
Rock the world and engage the public
If it ain't about change then change the subject
They can't conceive the grind
They don't see you polish, they just see the shine
They don't see the drive, they just see the Merc
Any new idea is crazy until it works
I give praise, then I lace one
My credit rating stays A1
I'm Hamilton when I'm chasing paper
Still light the world like Akon
My whole damn clique is dangerous
Never let a lame pup hang with us
Emulate our moves, quit hating bruh
One day you could be the same as us


Money keeps calling
Haters die slowly
When they try rolling
Tell em squad only
Money keeps calling
Haters die slowly
When they try rolling
Tell em squad only
Tell me what you know about that?
World in my palm, boss chick in my lap
Real ones with me on the race for the racks
Big dogs here, if you're scared fall back
Money keeps calling
Haters die slowly
When they try rolling
Tell em squad only

(Verse 2)

They don't want to see us win
All day in the zone that we Re-up in
Instead of trying to ask how we got in
They wanna talk down like we just sinned
Hate comes with the hustle, no trouble we just adjust to the struggle and put in double coz struggle just builds muscle
Get your team in a huddle and tunnel through the rebuttal, the walls of Jericho crumble if all of them brothers thorough
Want to try what? Go against who?
They shooting for the stars, well I'm like 'true'
Speak on our deals, wanna know if we're through
We good over here, homie worry bout you!
Find a skill, then build on that
Define your market, then fill a gap
Give your plug assurance, and supply's consistent and the buyers happy, how real is that?
Hating on my rigs? Man I'mma buy more
Celebrate in your face like I'm Adebayor
Talk about my life? Well what about yours?
Remember one thing man: it wasn't by force
Y'all trying to roar, but y'all making me yawn
You're a paper tiger in the face of a storm
Y'all bloodsuckers, I'm Blade with the form
I'll still be standing by the break of the dawn
Need a baker's dozen when I bag dough
Nothing more important than the cash flow
Can't drive through the drought when your gas low
They still wouldn't get it if I rapped slow
We overcome, coz we understand
This is God's plan, you don't wanna test God's hand