1. Likoma Sunsets

From the recording Lingua Franca

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Likoma Sunsets

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[Verse 1]

Your heart once was my safe haven
But a man just became complacent
And took for granted an angel’s patience
Now I’m standing hell adjacent
With these arms that yearn to hold you
A head full of words that I wish I told you
A heart that’s aching, a stare that’s vacant
Broken plans and missed vacations
And I’m sorry for being distant
Communication was inconsistent
So many times when I should have listened
You shed tears, I appeared indifferent
These mistakes have taught me lessons
I can’t waste these precious seconds
So if ever you need assistance
I leave you this proposition

You just have to call me
And I will be there for you
You just have to call me
And I will be there for you

[Verse 2]

My pen bleeds on my heart’s behalf
To mourn the love lost that we thought would last
Still full of hurt from the day that you left
You meant more to me than I ever expressed
My love, my heart, my muse
The night sky that I gazed into
The one thing I would always choose
The reason why I sing these blues
Remember our plan to make a great escape?
Me and you in a canoe navigating the lake
Your skin glistening, wind under your sundress
To Likoma Island to watch the sunset
We sail but don’t foresee the storm
The love boat sinks and we grieve and mourn
The flame is doused and the feeling’s gone
But you hope from the ash there’s a phoenix born


[Verse 3]

Staring at her picture had you wanting to sing
Going to the jewellers, looking for rings
Planned a life together with a feeling sweet
Now when you see her, you don’t even speak
You stay silent, internalizing your grief
Love becomes a myth that doesn’t fit your beliefs
You sleep with a dozen women just to fill a void
You pretend to be a man but you’re still a boy
Way too scared to confront your feelings
But on the other side of fear is healing
Look, you can’t regret your passions
Own the pain and accept what happened
Slowly maturing after a tough loss
Growth was overdue, but growth at what cost?
I denied the truth but in time it’s felt
That I may have had to lose you to find myself