1. All Love

From the recording Lingua Franca

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All Love

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[Verse 1]

You were born for greatness, embrace it; don’t ever doubt it
These haters will try to break you but face it and don’t allow it
You’ve got to nurture your skills, from the roots ‘til they rise
Seeing your rose bloom will be the thorn in their side, see
I could tell you just what the root of the malice is:
A real one’s presence will have them feeling inadequate
I establish my status as one of the baddest out
The way I crafted these raps, these cats ain’t having a doubt
My rep is impeccable, F’s a fresh intellectual
With a blessing immeasurable, the projection is destitute
For a hundred percent of you trying to mess with my revenue
‘cause at my worst, I’ll still be getting the best of you
Suckers got the nerve to think they’re veteran spitters?
But you’ve got no bars, that’s why your message never delivers
Everybody talks about how they’re the illest
But your style’s like dying in my sleep: I don’t feel it


Always strive, never giving up
One life to live, we’ve got to live it up
And it’s all love, man let it breathe
When all’s said and done, we’ve got to be free
Always strive, never giving up
One life to live, we’ve got to live it up
And it’s all love, man let it breathe
When all's said and done, we’ve got to be free

[Verse 2]

To everybody on the grind: God bless your hustle!
For the pain you’ve endured, man, flex your muscle
I know it weighs heavy but you shoulder the load
Never stress bro, music’s creatine for the soul
And it’s a blessing, everyday living I’m going to spread it
Get the message: we’re all on Earth to serve a purpose
That’s the essence. It’s best to invest every second
Trying to perfect it. And when it’s your turn to rest
You’ll be a legend. The quest got me feeling so undefeated
Power and ambition you’ll find in my triple helix
See, the strength of my spirit surprises even myself
When I wrestled the devil, he prayed to Jesus for help
Even the swine know that I got divine flows
They only throw shade ‘cause I got the shine, bro
My every action is mathematically accurate
Substance over style and my style is immaculate


[Verse 3]

We’re all trying to take a slice of a small cake
When there’d be more to eat if we all learned to bake
It’s not about spending, it’s ‘bout your earning capacity
We as black people have to escape this tragedy
Slave to a racial system that’s driven to make you give in
Caged in a mental prison to limit what you envision
That higher key your heart is yet to see
The irony is these bars could set you free
Trust the process, longevity is the goal
Scammers get the flash but soon enough they’re exposed
Trust in your brand is a long-term profit maker
Integrity comes first, put principle over paper
We could collaborate, why fight for loot?
Water each other’s seeds, that’s twice the fruit
I bare soul on this track like an African runner
I’m back with the thunder to make it rain stacks for the summer
And that’s real

(Chorus x2)