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Lingua Franca pt II

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[Verse 1]

How do we believe that the future is ours?
Dominated by foreign powers who only seek to devour
It’s like they allowed the wolves through the border
Who would respect the shepherd who led his lamb to slaughter?
But, how the hell did it come to this?
From a position of wealth to just sustenance?
The truth is a mirror the hands of time have shattered
Forced to believe the image in the fragments gathered
So I surrendered myself to a strange tide
And learned to see a different picture with the same eyes
To be free and defy the regime
Understand the mechanics behind the machine
‘til they become conscious they will never rebel
Until they have rebelled they cannot become conscious
So the first order of business for any conqueror
Is to force his tongue upon the conquered
Unify wills by speaking the same language
Shackling our minds just like brain damage
Certain thoughts are unique to certain languages, I fear
Once the language is dead, so are the ideas
The slave trade was the beginning of the fall
African city-states sold people in their stalls
In exchange, Europeans had guns to trade
By invading their neighbours they sparked an arms race
With better weapons they could take more slaves
And create more wealth for the old city-state
The end of the slave trade made economies collapse
That’s when the missionaries could penetrate the map
A man from the Middle East was given to us as white
So we associate the colour with the Christ
And if they’re closer to God then surely they must be right
So anything they do is accepted without a fight
They use the good book to justify our oppression
And say that we’re all paying for Ham’s transgression
Cursed to work in service of our relatives
In search of the truth go further back in Genesis:
“Let us make man in our image”
The first men were African so what does that tell us?
From Kilwa Kisiwani, up to Mogadishu
Down to Great Zimbabwe there’s proof of an issue
With their narrative that we were uncivilised
Understand their victory is based on a lie
And the lie spreads in the language of the monster
Common tongue of the conquered, the Lingua Franca