1. In The Wild

From the recording Lingua Franca

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In The Wild

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[Verse 1]

Let me take you on a journey through hell
Through a story only a chosen few are worthy to tell
Where the evil of man consumes you if you feed it
Let me move you with my thoughts just like telekinesis
Now we’re looking at a place where the people are desperate
Neglected by a system where their vision’s infested
With images of decadence until their spirits’ infected
Obsessed with possessing bling; rings and necklaces
Living reckless in pursuit of material
Trying to be fly is leading to early burials
We learn to read intentions just to keep alive
Like seeing the innocence inside a street kid’s eyes
That is until they pull razor blades out
No hesitation to put that iron straight to your mouth
Home invaders plotting on robbing you and raping your spouse
Safe to say, you’re not even safe in your house


Welcome to the wild where it’s never safe
And you might get chowed if you hesitate
Where the wolves got their eyes on your child
Now this is how you survive in the wild:
No fear, ready for anything
No fear, we’re ready for anything
No fear, ready for anything
Ready for anything

[Verse 2]

Dreams of whips from Bavaria
Popping cherries with cheddar, chilling in M chariots
They’re envisioning palaces, sitting on slum terraces
Smoking on that product to treat the trauma like therapists
Some bunnies will poach you, approach with a perky pair of tits
They’re trying to get it too so be careful who you cherish
A nefarious Aquarius known throughout these areas
“She looks like an angel” don’t trust appearances
Misguided youth, you’re wondering where the parents went
Abandoned, it’s a harrowing tale on how they handle this
Making money through malice just builds up barriers?
To them it’s a paradox, like happy marriages
Or pastors paying prostitutes, but the truth’s precarious
Where we’re from, you learn to speak three languages:
Sex, drugs, and the cash that we have to get
It was never romance when our dinners were candle lit


[Verse 3]

Now, what fortune does a fool inherit?
An ego too big to learn is just doomed to perish
I’ve got a dose of truth if you choose to hear it
It takes one bad day to consume the spirit
There’s snakes in the grass, crocodiles in the reeds
Jackals in the bushes, be cautious how you proceed
The incentive to sin is to simply escape the poverty
To be rich or righteous? That’s the dichotomy
How do you choose when your people die constantly?
The jobs don’t hire, instead, you try robbery
Extortion or dealing to better your life quality
Decisions have you looking at cells like biology
Stress turns you into a gin aficionado
This is Man vs Wild: survival against my rivals
They bare fangs but baby I’m Bear Grylls
And a bear eats whatever a bear kills for real