1. Betrayal

From the recording Lingua Franca

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Damn it’s so dangerous, looking for a way to trust
Niggas claim they’re with you but they’re bitter when your paper’s up
Stress so much staying clear of the haters
When suckers in your clique will be the ones to betray you
Some homies ain’t your friends, and that’s just what it is
Some homies ain’t your friends, and that’s just what it is
Some homies ain’t your friends, and that’s just what it is
Some homies ain’t your friends, and that’s just what it is

[Verse 1]

The illest in these ends, nothing troubling the team
One of my oldest friends, and a hustler supreme
Though I wasn’t around whenever you hit a lick
You always held me down, introduced me to my chick
Schooled me in the game, man everything you say is real
Do anything for you, ride or die since training wheels
These other cliques been envious of our capers
But you’ve been a little distant ever since you got paper
They hit me with some news that was doomed to ruin the crew
While I was on the move you were cruising ‘round with my boo
Now I’m consumed by the rumours assuming that they’re all true
As soon as I got that Ruger I knew just what I would do
But this just can’t be real, like where do I begin?
You played my like a stranger; I thought you were my kin
I’ll let my heart just, give way to the darkness
You’re my par, but I’ll slay you regardless
Come over unannounced to see if she’s at your place
I guess she saw me coming and must’ve dipped like a skate
I thought you’d be too ashamed to look me right in my face
But you’re still smiling and joking as if we’re mates
Giving me a wink, suggesting we have fun
I guess you can’t shame somebody who has none
Pitiful, there’s no better way to settle this grudge
‘cause some niggas don’t get the message ‘til it’s written in blood


[Verse 2]

They say the ninth circle of hell is reserved for traitors
With Lucifer chewing Judas and Brutus inside his lair
We’d never jam each other, of this I was always certain
For this kind of betrayal I’m sending you to the serpent
Such an awkward position ‘cause it was you I respect
I knelt to pray for you; you put a noose ‘round my neck
But I’m mad at myself, I put you next to me
And if you lay with dogs, then expect the fleas
If life ain’t shit but stress and fake niggas
And the treacherous women we choose to lay with us
Then I don’t see a problem with just ending it all
As long as I have you to bring along for the fall
But yo, let’s roll out and post up by the dam
We can sit and reminisce about how this began
You were getting bullied and I came to your aid
Since then anybody who tried us would catch a fade
As I wonder if you know there’s a gun on my waist
You tell me that our friendship must’ve been fate
Your hand on my shoulder as I reach in my denim
How the hell do you trust me when my eyes bleed venom?
Now I’m aiming at a face that’s covered in shock
This didn’t dawn on you til you heard the cock?
For a time you played the part of a brother so well
But that time’s gone, I guess we’ll see each other in hell