1. One More Night

From the recording Lingua Franca

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One More Night

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[Verse 1]

I can’t say I’m not nervous
With every knock I’m hurting
Each time your door stays closed
I feel the heartbreak grow
And I’ve felt no fire like you
You feel this way for me too
Our bond is so deep
Tell me you won’t leave


Let me love you for
Let me hold you for
Kiss and squeeze you for
Touch and tease you for
Feel your shine just for (One more night)
Ease your mind one more (One more night)
Make you laugh just for (One more night)
It’s all I ask, one more (One more night)

[Verse 2]

If asked what kept the sun shining
And what it was had your heart smiling
Then you would call me the answer
Now when I call, you don’t answer
Maybe it’s me and I’m underachieving
A future with me doesn’t seem too appealing
What you believe is I’ve reached my ceiling
But before you leave, baby girl I’m pleading


[Verse 3]

The chocolate’s stale and the roses are wilted
Love never dies until our Pride kills it
Hold off speaking so long that it hurts
Each of us with too much pride to text first
Let’s take it back to before we were over
Arms ‘round your waist while kissing upon your shoulders
In our love nest, our hearts made a home
Laying on my chest as we watch Game of Thrones
What am I to do when I miss you immensely?
The sky seems broken, the earth feels empty
More than a lover, to me you’re like family
‘cause you’re the only one who truly understands me
So girl, just open up your door
It’s cold outside, I can’t take it anymore
To make it work I’ll risk it all if I have to
And every single night I will ask you