1. Showdem

From the recording Lingua Franca

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[Verse 1]

I’m addicted to chocolate
One lick and I shoot like a rocket
If she got a big booty and an afro
A man might turn into Rambo
Real G’s never stressing
Got a pocket full of blessings
If she takes it over there though
I’m a shoot my shot - Aguero


I see you dip it low then
You start to twist it slow then
You take your hips and roll them
If you got skill then show them
Make it pop, let me see you switch it up
Drop it low, pick it up if you’re really real enough
You take your hips and roll them
If you got skill then show them

[Verse 2]

You say you do it for the culture
But you’re breaking bread with the vultures
You ain’t down for the cause like a soldier
Well we’ve got that locked, osawopa
If you want to act like a wasteman
You might get slapped like a wasteman
We don’t give dap to a wasteman
Throw shade and you’ll get cracked like Ray Bans
Boy, you don’t know my life!
I do way more than just own the mic
The gravity of my words could turn tides
Suck out of here with your Babylon vibes
‘cause I’ve had a long grind, I don’t want no badmind
Energy, around me, I’m trying to have a fun time
So if that girl wants to put it on me
I’m a shoot my shot - Henry


[Verse 3]

My brothers keep it realer than National Geographic
There’s an animal attraction whenever you are the baddest
Ladies show love when they know that you run things
So we run through rubbers like Formula One teams
Cruising like Hamilton, I’m choosing the baddest one
Like a supermarket I’m scanning and bagging them
The whole club’s staring at how she be clapping them
But it doesn’t matter as long as she’s having fun
All y’all fools want to stress her
It’s a test and you flunked the semester
But I don’t gas her up like Teslas
I just kick knowledge and I bless her
You and your crew hate me? My God
Let the blind lead the blind, you ain’t seeing I, dog
I flick it with finesse like Pogba
Then I shoot my shot – Drogba