1. Police State

From the recording Lingua Franca

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Police State

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[Verse 1]

Moto, moto, moto, moto!
Fire in the streets of the township!
Moto, moto, moto, moto!
Teargas, the police are surrounded!
Now how did we arrive at this crisis?
Started with the body of a youth found lifeless
Last seen alive being taken into custody
For the crime of asking ‘what’s the government done for me?
There’s no water, no power, no medicine
But we find millions in the minister’s residence
Saying it’s from work, trying to test my intelligence
Now the community has an arrested development’
Her people were oppressed, she was just speaking out
Now that her life’s gone there’s nothing to speak about
Tonight the people take back our freedom
This is a false peace we no longer believe in


Streets teach you to be street safe
When you live in a police state
They divide and they preach hate
When you live in a police state
They hit you with a piece for the peace sake
When you live in a police state
That abuse ain’t ever going to be taped
When you live in a police state

[Verse 2]

Making sure my family and friends eat
Before meeting my end I’m making ends meet
While some struggle and others have more
At least we’re all equal in the eyes of the law
But the course of justice never gets run
In the case of a few so then I guess some
Are more equal than others if you let the pigs tell it
The grease is so thick in the air you could smell it
If they push you, and you just take it
The bully’s going to test how much they can get away with
So we see silence begets injustice
We become powerful when words have substance
Now there’s hope in a wider horizon
But thinking outside the box can put you inside one
Is it really freedom if you’re living with the monsters?
Behind the bars is a prisoner of conscience


[Verse 3]

All men breathe the same air as me
Cut through our flesh and yes we all bleed
And we all thirst when the well runs dry
Fear not of men because men must die
Even you who not rasta must dread
When leadership leads to bloodshed
Armies have authority but people have power
Bullets and bricks fly outside the ivory tower
Blood spills as you sip from your chalice
Not long before the peasants storm the palace
To take you to task for all of your misdeeds
And they do you like Louis XVI
They retaliate and you call them terrorists
But who would agree with the dead man’s rhetoric?
This is how it ends with betrayal of faith
Head of the state with his head on a stake