1. Represent

From the recording The Illumination



Represent, represent!
Represent, represent!
Represent, represent!
Represent, represent!

[Verse 1]

Straight up rhymes are real any line could make top ten on the double
I murder and stay humble, lines shoot, rappers tumble
My mouth's corners a hot spot full of subliminals
Handle with care, guzzlin green, my drunk stare
At you out of liners, bring your game forth
'fore I let out my bitch pounders and knock your tail off
This life is full of fake lovers, cash prerequisite for brothers
Bitches on hoofs tryin to fuck us, not love us
With killer whoppers in their pants they straight stop us
Condoms unused coza vodka catch a flu but take a test for
Three letters turn ya to denial motivated runners
Think it won’t happen til you crab em or clap em
Even with nuns though they married to god
They dont believe in none of that shit they get fucked backwards
Fra's an ARV for the street boner
Middle finger to the girl on the stereo corner


[Verse 2]

They call me Fra, I'm not your usual kind of fella
Rap singing, well educated street dweller
I'm always rapping knowledge, homie I'm blessed
Will I smash your girl? I wouldn't leave it to a guess
Catch me walking with my book bag with the man u flag
Bernie Mac told Kanye "nobody wanna see that"
I rap like a razor cut your lines up you're done
Kanye's a college dropout; I attend just for fun
Coz life's built on stress from fake niggas and mad cunts
So I smoke the wack shit like its rolled in a fat blunt
One man crew, a miser, with a team of haters
The type to spend a day with a girl to elevate her
Somehow my rap game reminds me of my Mack game
Only used to watch, now I smash and they all came
No matter how fat, slim, freaky or into sex
Fly chicks involuntarily scream out my name


[Verse 3]

No doubt, for those who didn't know what I'm about
Before the clear cutter group i was emceeing my man
Around the time when Pac dissed that B.I.G man
I used to wake up every morning rap silent on the block
Every day a different flow built my 365 stock
If i dont flow and murder some shit like the locks
It will be a little smoother, like silencers on Glocks
Nowadays i need pay for this shit just like the next man
Not a sell out but one rap is worth a hundred grand
I murder without a gun and now I'm a wanted man
You killed a flow? well call me the son of Sam
Bring a whole crew right beside you
And I will pull the sort of shit you seen B Rabbit pulled
So go out and cop it, I always think in profit
My spit in your ear will take away all fear
And put your brain on drugs, to all fly bitches and thugs
Nuff respect to Nasir Jones I'm ghost, One Love