1. Champion 2.0

From the recording The Illumination



Hands in the air, The Champion's here!
Every January 1st, homie it is my year
I don't give a fuck if you boo or you cheer
Bring on the challenger, there's no one I fear!
And I will never stop, and I will never stop
And I will never stop 'til I make it to the top
And I will never quit, and I will never quit
And I will never quit 'til you know that I'm the shit

[Verse 1]

You can spread your wings or fall to your demise
You gotta take a chance, true meaning of Fly or Die
Nothing is free, you gotta work for your keep
He who does not hustle will certainly not eat
Everybody knows you gotta polish to shine
Til the day comes Frankie's gon' grind
Word to my nigga Kevsta, we're pushing it the hardest
If they're blind to the fact, we're pushing it, regardless
Our season is January to December
Work ethic crazy as Julius Malema
Are you prepared? How many storms can you weather?
Spitting food for thought that's hotter than chilli peppers
Can't stop, addicted to the shin dig
Drop top: inspiration for me to win big
I'm going on retreats once I make that advance
I'm not gonna be the champ just to drive a fucking champ


Verse 2

Go harder
The one who puts in the most work is the one who wins
Go smarter
You can't win unless you know what you are up against
Re-investing my energy
Turn "impossible" to "meant to be"
If this world were a gallery I deserve to be the centrepiece
Tempted to say I'm the best, y'all don't have to battle
On the Eve of my release I'm like: "Have an Apple"
Like I brought you the Mac, y'all have to hate
Gone and took the iPod past the Gates
She ain't my employer but she giving me Jobs
Coz I'm macking hard, and y'all microsoft
Bursting out these verses, murking all these worthless
Emcees closing curtains on their act and it's permanent
Nasty as Nas I'm a rhyming god
And I don't kill soloists, I only kill squads