From the recording The Illumination


Verse 1

No days off, I ain't slept a wink yet
In this rap game I'm a god amongst insects
Barely twenty tell me, what's out of my reach?
When I speak they can feel the spirit, i's like I preach
Food for thought man, I cater to the masses
Student of the game, about to surpass the masters
If there's a limit on skill, shit, I passed it
The rap world got me feeling like Atlas
'Lot of weight on my shoulders I need a chick to massage 'em
But I keep dealing with jokers, it's like I'm living in Gotham
Constantly being called to take care of these problems
The only one who can solve em, cause I am fucking awesome
Awe struck by the women I now hold in my palms
Understanding the message, my game is growing strong
If each pussy is an inbox then my dick is like spam
I don't even say my name, these bitches know who I am


Yeah, you already know (Fly or Die)
Frankie The One! (Fly or Die)
Yeah, you ain’t ready for this one man, you ain’t ready (Fly or Die)
Get your weak ass rhymes outta here (Fly or Die)

[Verse 2]
Now how outlandish is Francis? This bastard’s manage to damage
These half-ass rappers with stanzas they cannot manage to fathom
If they're wack then I ban them, they're as worthless as fool's gold
Fly or Die clique, my nigga this is how the rules go:
No bullshitting, no bitching, no snitching, that shit is forbidden
Man who the fuck is you kidding? You need some written permission
To even consider getting at someone in my position, now listen
I'm a chef in Hell's kitchen
Now that means there's shit that I'm always stirring up
And I don't really give a fuck 'cause you niggas ain't real as us
Oh you really feeling tough? Boy you just better give it up
We like a pack of wolves compared to you fucking little pups
No bull, I'm on point like D. Rose
I need glory like Charlie Sheen needs blow
Why you in awe? Nigga I said I'm awesome
This is Fly or Die, come at me if you want a problem


You want a problem? Nah son (Fly or Die)
You don’t want none of this, nigga. This that real shit (Bitch it's Fly or Die)
You already know it (Fly or Die)
Frankie The One, The Illumination (Fly or Die)