From the recording The Illumination


[Verse 1]

I fell in love with her aura
Forgetting all the past lovers that came before her
I'm on my grind, I hope she feels my drive
No gold digger, but, most can't afford her
They say she loves rhymers
Actors, athletes all been inside her
Its all part of the game we play
She's been seen with Dre, Jay and Kanye
She rarely messes with dudes with no talent
Accustomed to the life, the lights across Paris
Designer fabrics, lavish, plush leathers
The whole world watches once you go get her
You're seen with her, hitting the scene with her
You start to feel the envy, living the dream with her
The world wants to know your name
And all the comfort still comes with the pain


As I recall: I know you love to show off
But I never thought that you would take it this far
What do I know? (Flashing Lights)
What do I know...

[Verse 2]

Don't worry sweetheart
She hardly talks but the whole world knows her name
They hear the life style's crazy
They say when you're with her people tend to change
But You're used to the nuisance
A new point of view coz the roof is translucent
How can they relate when they can't see the stars?
And your ideas got you a dollar back from your two cents?
But you heard that the joy never lasts
Most of her affairs get lost in the past
But not you, 'cause you stay on your grind
Hoping with your work that you stay on her mind
Coz her memory is shorter than most
Try ditch her? Then to her you're a Ghost
Suicide? You won't take that route
This life you can't leave but you may back out