1. That Girl

From the recording The Illumination



There's something about this girl, man, from around my way
Ever tried to hold back your feelings, but it just wouldn't stay?
But when I finally found the words to say
I wanted to run away, simply run away


You can try to run and hide, it won't make a difference
You can lie to yourself, of the reason
Sure it hurts when it comes to your attention
That you're in love with the girl

[Verse 1]

Yes sir, that's her with the bright smile
Green eyes, cute nose and the nice eye brows
And prettier than your face is your character
A God fearing woman, I fear I'm not man enough
To be blessed with your presence, so I guess it's a message
To have you sitting here, having a
Conversation, bout our love for music
And if you love something, go ahead and do it
But my approach was a little more pensive
Trying to find the sense in how you affect my senses
And to yours I become more attentive
Coz I see potential for more than just friendship
Only the hands of time will tell if
But with every second wasted I get more ticked
And girl you got the business I'm letting you know the deal
I'm plagiarising Pharrell to let you know how I feel

(Bridge & Chorus)

[Verse 2]

How you stay faithful, girl it's amaz-in
A world full of doubt you're such an inspiration
And though I never said it, I admire it
It's hard to douse the flame once the fire's lit
Reminiscing on the days of a crush
The fact that nothing ever happened sucks
I only blame myself for not reading the signs
To love I was illiterate, better yet, blind
Over-analysing the hints that you showed me
Rationalized that you want to be homies
Then right before the time that you left
You told me this whole time you had a crush on the F
These days, I'm a little more confident
It's too bad you're on another continent
Any man that has you should know that he's blessed
I wish you nothing but happiness, girl you're the best

(Bridge & Chorus)