1. Life's a Beach

From the recording The Illumination


[Verse 1]

Have you ever met a girl that you thought was gonna be real?
And you never thought that dealing with drama would be the deal?
Well this girl had drama like schools of performing arts
I just wish I had seen it before she had stole my heart
I was like "Oh my gosh she got it! She's hot she gotta be my chick
She's a goddess, she's hypnotic I won't stop until she my chick"
So I'm on it with this hot chick, anything she want, I got it
She'd be loyal, she'd be honest, at least that's what she promised
We would order take out and make out right at her house
But when school was in, she migrated back down south
And I was so insistent on trying out long distance
But she became different, she flipped and became distant
Then I seen on facebook her and some dude together
I called and asked her what's up and she responded "whatever"
Thought you said I'm the one, isn't that what you still see?
She said life's a beach and there's more fish in it's sea

[Hook: talking]

Man, I thought this girl was the one, man. But like
I handled the whole situation real cool, know what I'm saying?
I called the girl up and I was like: "Yo, you a bitch."
She blocked my number and everything but you know
I went and got her mom's number and I called her mom up like
Yo, miss, your daughter is a BIATCH! but it was all cool

[Verse 2]

Love is an ocean, I'm bout to hit the waves again
Last time was too fast, this time I'm slowly wading in
I know I might get played again but I'm ready to date again
I trust her, plus she hot enough to burn Satan's skin
And this girl is sweet man, I just feel like winner
She drives out here to see me, even takes me out to dinner
I figure she must be working, though that isn't for certain
When I ask about her job she just closes up like some curtains
So I become suspicious, what secrets could she be keeping?
I followed her one weekend and peeped her while she be creeping
I seen her with some fat guy that looks like the number 8
Making out in merc that has those government plates
Damn this chick is sinister, playing me with a minister?
But then a thought occurred to me: that's how she payed for dinner, huh
And this girl was fit, man I can't believe this chick
I thought she was the one, man, shit!

[Hook: talking]

Man, but you know, it was too good to be true, you know what I'm saying?
I mean, she had money and everything. Do women even get jobs these days?
That hasn't happened yet, has it? You can't trust these girls with money is what I'm saying
That's all I'm saying. Make sure she's dead broke, and got nothing in her pocket except lint and shit
Those are the girls to go for