1. DMCB

From the recording The Illumination


[Verse 1]

Player of the Year, don't test me
If we kick it I'll score, things could get Messi
My girl's bf hitting me up on fb
Asking where The F be, coz she wanna F me
I'm sipping bottles of rosé
In the world of power these yes men get no say
And make sure you don't piss off the wrong people
Plus to a minus, you and I are not equal
You a lesser machine, I will dismantle you
You say you eating pussy? I guess that makes you a cannibal
Damn, I put all these cats in a line
And kill a thou without spilling my glass of wine
I might be eloquent elegant and have etiquette
But I'm far from delicate homie and we can bet on it
While I aim for greatness you niggas settle like sediment
The game's like Vice City, killing niggas for the hell of it
Mind's faded but style is illuminated
You might be Goliath but I am King David
Gonna turn my reality to my dream world
Waking in my dream home, sleeping with my dream girl
Dreams money can buy
You niggas acting like you got sun in your eyes
Are you blind? You really can't see the future?
When everybody falls The One will survive


Don't fuck with me...

[Verse 2]

You are not relevant, spear tip to a war head
Watch me knock em out like a crane kick to the forehead
I flow deeper than rivers in Hell's arena
While your sound's weaker than clock radio speakers
Word to the Genius, know my style is the meanest
Travelling Mach 5 while you cats manly as Venus
Grow a pair, I'm teaching you self-respect
Copped a new pair of Nikes I'm keeping myself in check
I'm LeBron on the beat
Never M.I.A but I'm always bringing the Heat
You Himalaya hot my nigga, I'm Kalahari Cold
Making power moves for my entourage like Ari Gold
And I'm tryna cut out the drama
Coz how I react will bring me my own Karma
You'll lose a lot a money chasing women
But you never lose women chasing money, so I'm sorry honey but
I'm forsaking you for the fortune
And more problems with people asking for portions
But fuck it tho, coz the lifestyle is awesome
Plus I'll be getting more pussy up in a Porsche
Dreams money can buy
Killing rappers like my pen is a gun in disguise
You niggas blind? You still can't it?
When everybody falls, The One will survive