1. Unfuckwithable

From the recording The Illumination



House on the hill and a crib by the beach
German whips Italian leather on the seats
You'll achieve what you'll imagine, imagine what you'll achieve
Open your mind your only limit is your dreams
African Socrates, greatness is my philosophy
A lot of you bitches conditioned to mediocrity
She don't understand why her man won't act right
When all you offer is ass, all you get is ass wipes
Short sighted cats hate the vision
Not believing in me is rap atheism
Nas the father, Hov the holy ghost
You're now watching the son become your only hope
Flipping my pen at will, hella skilled, letting venom spill
Black mamba flow, Lord knows how many men I kill
I'm Allergic to broke - the cash is benadryl
Keep your eye on the ball like bitches licking on genitals
It just occurred to me most of you never heard of me
Though my lines slice precisely like surgery
The masses all ask for the master and they refer to me
I rap like I'm a bastard but that's just who I prefer to be
Notice how focused the flow is for sho it's the dopest
The closest to Hov and you know this
Most of you choke when you go for that boast though
And nope you can't cope with the soldiers I roll with
Truth be told you cats acting cheesy
You suckas do anything just to get on the tv
Plus you make being a bitch look so easy
I was born perfect, don't need a chick to malizz me
Fuck the gossip my logic is making profit
A scholar of economics, I got the cash to deposit
Running stock like Sonic, a bunch of hedges I'm hogging
That's finance talking read up and you'll get the knowledge
Chastity belt flow, unfuckwithable
We militants, y'all minuscule
Haters mad, knowing this:
Frankie blowing up you suckers just blowing dick