1. LAMN Freestyle

From the recording The Illumination



I bring dope flow by the boat load, never go slow, if you don't know, its a no-go
Tryna steal my mojo, Dr Evil, haven't you heard these pros go
"Hey you FC, I heard that you got the game in a chokehold."?
Put my ships where you can see them, in other words, I've been known to show-boat
Boss music, no one on my level
Always been real never needed a Geppetto
Rebel with the bass and treble, I'll never settle
I'm a volcano, you just a little kettle
No stress 'cause the best is the F, expect nothing less than an S on my chest
And I'm dressed to impress, obsessed with being fresh
No sweat when it comes to tearing up a set
Everytime I kick it I gotta give it and rip it just to see how many lyrics I can spit in a minute
I can never finish I gotta push to the limit
Til the day that I'm the illest I promise you I'mma kill it
And I stay committed to getting better no kidding
Rocking my fitted while killing the competition
I'm on a mission for the number one spot
I'm pushing it past the ceiling now I need y'all to listen
When I come through I shut it down
Everybody knows I run this town
Undisputed king of the underground
I don't beat, I thunder pound
Roller coaster flow I take it up and down
10 over 10 man I'm the one now
All these little kids try to jack my style
But if you're looking for the best look at me now