From the recording The Illumination


[Verse 1: Frankie The One]

F to the R-A, you know I stay fly
Up above them, that’s why they hate I
High above the clouds, aiming for the stars
The venom in my veins comes from a broken heart
And this sick shit can never be fixed
Man you wish your shit was as sick as this
But you can kiss my dick
You'll never come close and you other rappers might as well slit your wrists
'til I make it to the top I won’t pause or stop
And once I’m at the top I won’t topple or drop
Bitches try play me like piano keys
Don’t you know that I’m the one? Keano Reeves
Flyer than the U.S Air Force, therefore
I'll blow you out the sky for thinking that you’re fly
Your whole squadron should prepare to die
Yeah, before you even leave the airport
Hard and fly, man I'm Ironman
Light the night up better than Orion can
You think you hot? Well you can keep trying man
I'll put you out like a motherfucking fireman, bitch

[Hook: Frankie The One & Kirby]

I’m on top of the world, I was planning to call
I was planning to ball with those honeys involved
You just mad at my glow, You just mad at my glow
You just mad at my glow. Now I’m raining with blows

[Verse 2: Frankie The One/Kirby]


Feeling like Atlas: world on my shoulders
Gotta keep it moving, the world can'’t hold us
See, me and Kirb, all the girls wanna know us
Cause we like a bouquet of four-leaf clovers
New Tony Starks, I’m a narcissist
You don’t wanna be the one starting shit
Cause then I’m like 13 black cats, bitch
So go ahead and try your luck


I flow by, my flow high, your flow low
Looking for the keys for the closed door
With the girls with their clothes off
Got a girl? Gotta go hard
If you talking ‘'bout time I'm all over
We overtime, like DJ Khaled we taking over
Keep composure
Pop like soda, hold up, roll up


[Verse 3: Kirby]

Everyday's like a Monday, I love you like a chocolate Sunday
Maybe one day or some day, We can rock out like Cold Play
And oh, hey, bring that back like replay
See they don’t play when we play
My flow got game like PlayStation
I'm waiting for a train so I'm playing station
I'm smoking hot, you chain-smoking
You love drunk, I remain sober
You on fire, I'm supernova
I'm Johnny Blaze or Johnny Storm
I transform my fantastic form
I'm Superman, I'm super-blazed
I'm super safe. Don't need no drugs, I'm super fixed