1. The Machine

From the recording The Illumination


[Verse 1]

Kick it in like jujitsu, so fast you’ll wonder who hit you
Official, man, blow the whistle, I’m blowing up like a missile
F.C. are the initials, no soccer team but I’ll kick you
To death if skills are abysmal and leave you weeping like willows
Machines will never miss you man accuracy’s no issue
Dip you into cold water and flip through pictures of igloos
I was up on the mound but I had nobody to pitch to
Now my circle of influence is growing just like a ripple
Killing the competition when kicking to compositions
With the hot shit I’ve written Deanne Bray could stop and listen
Spitting with the precision of Daimler Benz engineering
I’m fearing there is no one that could ever top my position
Crew is staying united man you can call me Sir Alex
Never been to Hogwarts but fuck it, I’m working magic
Never taking it backwards but making niggas do backflips
Every time I spit a line you know this niggas the baddest


See me on the scene with the million dollar dream
Call me The Machine, call me The Machine
See me looking clean, the meanest you’ve ever seen
Call me The Machine, call me The Machine

[Verse 2]

Spit it like a cobra: envenomate, let me demonstrate
Fangs penetrate in any place, sucker nigga you’re never safe
Watch you hyperventilate, sorry the anti-venom’s late
I’mma have you waiting in line outside of Heaven’s Gate
To the nigga who wrote this, you know your flow is the dopest
Toast to never lose focus we know the ropes so let’s show it
Though they hope that we choke you know that hope’s for the hopeless
Let’s show these jokers how bogus it is to go and provoke us
Notice I’m schizophrenic? Ill but don’t need a medic
These other cats are pathetic, that’s why I’m feeding her fetish
She knows that I’m the realest, she feels it, she wanna get it
And you know I’mma drill it and fill it just like a dentist
I will never settle for nothing but the gold medal
You can give me instrumentals; I’ll clean ‘em out just like Dettol
Red Bull got me moving and cruising just like I’m Vettel
You’ll need a stairway to Heaven to ever get on my level


[Verse 3]

Building your way to billions needs dedication and brilliance
I’m willing to put the work in; leave something here for my children
Dreams: I gotta fulfill them, no limits, there are no ceilings
All about the family and I ain’t even Sicilian
But it’ll be a vendetta boy, if you mess with my cheddar
Forever on my agenda to change my life for the better
Dealing with these jokers but none of them are Heath Ledger
I ain’t gotta tell ya, this our reign, no umbrella
I ain’t who you stepping on, I’m on a higher echelon
Radical as a Reventon, I’ll transform on you Megatrons
All of you Decepticons better turn all your weapons on
Despite that, I’m crushing you soon as I turn the pressure on
Better respect that, all you haters can get back
Look in my direction and then you’ll see where the best at
Even on a wet track all you haters can get lapped
There is no stopping me. Never forget that