1. Open Your Eyes

From the recording The Illumination


[Verse 1]

The new school's spitting real talk fluently
But would you understand class, with your record of truancy?
The older generation liberated a nation
In the times we're facing they fail to maintain it
How long will we be patient?
As our society teaches us self-hatred
We claim we want businesses run by black faces
But pray for their downfall once one of us makes it
They wave when an asian in a range rolls up
Let a black guy do it and MRA shows up
The same people saying we have some problems
Are the ones that stop us whenever we try to solve em
If we don't, who's gonna do it for us?
Do your eyes like it says in the chorus
We'll leave you wishing you had listened as he sung away
Like non-believers facing God on Judgement Day


[Verse 2]

A light hearted, dark minded, well spoken youth
They wanna see me lie dead because I am living truth
Never afraid to let you know I'm a college kid
Every time you look at me, I'm showing you what promise is
Protect your chest when you speak from the heart
When you're real on the whole, they'll try to tear you apart
Beware of The Game, and how the rules change
You'll find yourself slain over fame like Lucky Dube
Peace to the soldier, killing happened in Joburg
I lost my mind over this shit and still I soul search
Like what's the right way to change what we got?
We gotta push, until the nonsense is stopped
The work of a Hero is never done
The only choices you have are to reload or to run
Everything is data made up of of 1s and 0s
In this world are you a zero, or The One?