From the recording The Illumination



Presidents to represent me (Yeah)
I'm out for presidents to represent me (The)
I'm out for presidents to represent me (Illumination. Yeah!)
I'm out for dead fucking presidents to represent me

[Verse 1]

Can you sense the sensation? The Lion pacing its cage and
Feel my aura pulsatin', the brightest Illumination
The fake ones, man I'll deface 'em cause I am patiently waiting
As soon as I make the cake then I'm sending 'em straight to Satan
I been used to currency, working in forex bureaus
Hand counting 'em dollars and trading em in for euros
Knowing it wasn't mine but it got me used to the grind
Without a look at my watch - knew it's my time to shine
All in the grand design, no need to keep it a secret
I got the kinda class you can't catch if I teach it
I ain't being facetious, that's truth, you better believe it
Milk the game for what it's worth and I'm trying to find where the cream is
I just wanna get it, my brother's who introduced it
He said it's all around me, I gotta get it and use it
It could buy me my dreams so fuck it, I gotta do it
But if it's so abundant then why is it so elusive?
Fuck it, I gotta do it, I need the shit that's the newest
There's shit that I gotta prove and just look at how good that coupe is!
To get the whip that's roofless I gotta be more ruthless
The new Frank Lucas, the boss, now watch me do this
Cream coloured Benz, that's a cool whip, tell me how your desert taste?
All about the paper, that's why I'm upping my work rate
You suckers eating dirt, let me know how the earth taste
I am in it to win it, fuck anything that ain't first place


I'm out for presidents to represent me (Yeah)
I'm out for presidents to represent me (Uh huh)
I'm out for presidents to represent me (Say what, say what)
I'm out for dead fucking presidents to represent me

[Verse 2]

This is where I gotta be: on top of the economy
Scan me and try to copy me, but my style is so copy free
Copyrighting my property, ready for animosity
Ain't nobody stopping me from building a monopoly
But when you pass go, you get hassled by these assholes
Try to make you skip your turn but I ain't moving that slow
Tobasco hot rascal, nicotine in tobacco
The addictive sick shit, and I'm after the cashflow
Excel with clientele, so what you trying to sell?
If you fuck up, you know you eyeing a cell
This work I'm driving it well, these others try and they fail
I'm trying to work to Heaven cause I ain't dying in Hell
Looking back at 2010, I was just full of venom then
Verses full of adrenalin, wanting to sound like Eminem
Now I'm squeezing the pen again, process this shit like Pentium
Realize there ain't a motherfucker I ain't better than
Rhyming hard as a diamond, on top of that man, I'm shining
You know I keep it hot and in fact, I'm changing the climate
I got a bigger buzz than a bee-hive, I be fly
Spank my honey, and leave a sting on her behind
I decline to rewind, leave the past in the past
At the pace that I'm racing you'd think I'm forwarding fast
I gotta bring the flame, before I go back to ash
If I'm coming in first, then I'mma last with the cash
I'm out for Dead fucking Presidents to represent me