1. Still Dreaming

From the recording The Illumination


[Verse 1]

I Stitched ideas together as they needled my dreams
So it seems a thread of genius in my genes
The heat of my delivery has got them placing orders
Success is my fuel; I've never had a shortage
You know what they say, may the best man win
Well all of my life I've been the groom's best friend
I have neat ideas but my mind's a mess
So I'm trying to work it out and get this weight off my chest
I keep pushing to alleviate the pain
Its hard work, but I appreciate the gain
En route to victory, I pray I don't hit a road block
Taking my problems and address them like a P.O box
Look inside my mind for why I'm inclined to shine
Under the heat and pressure I found a diamond in mine
If you snooze you lose and I been awake for a season
Eyes wide open and yet, I'm still dreaming


I'm Still Dreaming (x3)

[Verse 2]

They only hate the ones that keep growing
So if you're going through hell, keep going
I could let the dream killers kill my self-esteem
Or use my arrogance as a steam to power my dreams
No surprise I'm facing adversity, but what hurt's to see, is all the serpentine
Folks out there that be cursing me and they don't even know me personally
But then it all occurred to me, that's just life and how it works you see
You'll go through a degree of pain you can't find at no university
Like that kid from VA, time to through these haters deuces
They can't do what you can, so they try make you feel useless
I'm gonna hurt these liars when I tell you what the truth is
They act like they the top cats but most these lions are toothless
And they don't have no claws, I'm the thorn in their paws
And they turning green but they don't know the 48 Laws
I been to hell and back, so you know I've faced my demons
I ain't under no slumber but, I'm still dreaming


[Verse 3]

Undertaken some challenges, therefore I buried them
I'm fly but I'm deep like an airborne aquarium
Y'all wanted crazy bars, now I'm bringing delirium
Make other rappers quiet like I'm the fucking librarian
My brother told me wake up now I'm more alert than ever
On my second time around and I've learned from my first endeavour
When I say I'm dreaming I don't mean that I am sleeping
I just mean that I have schemes as I find means to achieve them
Born in Lusaka, Blantyre's where I reside
I carry both on my shoulders, one city on each side
Even if I stumble I'll keep holding on to both
This is a royal rumble I won't be thrown out the ropes
Throughout life's lessons, they will throw you in the deep end
Keep working and keep praying just as long as you are breathin'
We believe in God, who does he believe in?
Until we find out my homie, I'm still dreaming