The Malawian Creative 

On our second episode, Isco got on IG Live to discuss the pitfalls of being a creative worker in a developing economy where anything outside of the traditional professions (Law, Medicine, Engineering) is taken for granted or looked down upon.


The Social Contract 

In our first episode, our host Black Isco explores the broken social contract in Malawi

Brand Development - The Triangle Offence

Your brand is the unique quality that distinguishes you from everyone else. It’s the intangible asset used to identify your institution, differentiating you from your competitors and informing your audience on what to expect from interactions with you, your products…


Do It For The Culture, 2018

Peace to the world and love to the family! As we enter a new year, I’d like to leave a message of hope and growth for all my people. The world is changing: Rap is now the most popular genre…



Some years ago, some time between 2011 and 2013, there was an artist who called himself 'Frankie The One'. He had some pretty decent flows. His voice could carry a melody or harmonize a hook or two. He had some…