Francis Chanthunya, better known as Black Isco, is a Blantyre-based rapper, record producer, writer, entrepreneur and community advocate.  Following the release of his debut album, Lingua Franca, he has continued to push for lyricism and conscious material with various freestyles, singles and EPs.

While drawing comparisons to artists such as Big K.R.I.T, Lupe Fiasco and Pusha T, Isco's unique sound is a reflection of the lifestyle unique to urban Sub Saharan Africa. It's an environment which breeds innovation out of necessity, with many young entrepreneurs breaking traditional marketing models, making novel use of aging technology, bringing forth new tech, and creating new sales channels. It's also a region deeply troubled by social inequality, corrupt public offices, and a lack of formal economic opportunities. However, African people always find a way to make the best out of a bad situation and our creativity lends itself to good leisure time. This African Hustlers' ambition, sociopolitical awareness and fun loving attitude is embodied by Black Isco's music.

His next album, Carpe Noctem, is set for release in 2021. Contact for more information, bookings or writing/production services.

Aside from music, Black Isco has been involved in the construction and facilitation of academic programmes at Blantyre International University. He is also a creative business consultant and is currently developing an initiative for environmental restoration in the Blantyre urban area.